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We offer a wide range of organic clothing options in most sizing and main categories ranging from infant to adult sizes. Our primary organic fabric include 100% certified organic cotton, 100% certified linen and all kinds of organic blend materials.

As we are one of the organic clothing manufacturers that you can rely on, please review our product categories including:
Organic Clothing
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Organic Infant Clothing
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Organic Youth Clothing
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We Handle It All With Expertise & Efficiency.


We will make an approval sample for you on all custom orders. Production will not commence until you approve your sample. Samples will be charged at 2.5 X the garment cost. If we have to make a pattern for you, there will also be pattern and grading charges. These charges will depend on the complexity of the style ordered. You can expect your sample within 1 to 2 weeks from date order is placed.


  1. Customer provides us with a detailed tech pack or a sample of a garment they want us to duplicate. Customer also picks colors from our swatch card or sends fabric samples to match. If there is a special fabric that is not in our catalog, we will need a yard of fabric to duplicate.
  2. We create a pattern and makes a sample.
  3. We submit fit sample, lab-dips and fabric.
  4. Customer approves and/or gives comments on all of the above.
  5. We create a pattern and make sample.
  6. Your order goes into production and is delivered according to the lead-times below.

If you have any questions about our Private/Custom Label Apparel process, e-mail us at


If you would like a garment made to your own styling specifications and colors, please provide the following information:

  1. Units per style, color and size breakdown.
  2. Spec sheet and/or sample.
  3. Detailed garment sewing construction.
  4. Type of fabric.
  5. Patterns (if not available please note that there would be an additional charge).
  6. Delivery date required.
  7. Would these be tag less? If so, please be advised that you will need to provide us with the side seam size labels.


Our minimums for custom fabrics vary depending on the fabric requested. Please contact us at regarding such projects. We offer a wide variety of specialty fabrics.

Note: Times will vary depending on the quantity and complexity of the order.


If you would like us to re-label our stock inventory garments, please provide us with your labels and we will sew them into our garments. Please be sure to provide labels that have a minimum of 3/8” bleed so that the information on the label does not get covered during the re-labeling process.

  1. Labels must be pre-cut/pre-folded by customer.
  2. You must use our styles and colors for this service.
  3. Minimums – Our Minimums for re-label orders are 72pcs pieces per style and color and must meet the minimum of 200pcs total per order.
  4. Turnaround Time – Will depend on the total quantity ordered. Normally we can ship your order 1 to 2 weeks after we receive payment and all the necessary components.


Definition – Removing the neck label of an in-stock product and replacing it with a label supplied by Customer.
There are a few different versions of label change (re-label) offers. The pricing also varies based on the type of re-labeling requested.

This version only pertains to styles which have shoulder to shoulder neck tape.

  • Lift tape
  • Remove our label
  • Insert Customer’s label (Customer to supply labels) under neck tapeLeave our care label in or remove, since our care labels do not have our info

Minimums – 600pcs total per order (MINIMUM OF 200 UNITS PER STYLE/COLOR)
Price – Contact for pricing.

This version pertains to all styles, with or without neck tape or binding.
(IE: Available on all styles)

  • Remove by cutting our label (main and care or either)
  • Sew Customer’s label (Customer to supply labels) over neck tape or binding
  • Leave our care label in or remove, since our care labels do not have our info

Minimums –600pcs total per order (MINIMUM OF 200 UNITS PER STYLE/COLOR)
Price – Contact for pricing.


We also offer other labeling options. For example if you want a label to the sleeve hem, bottom hem or other location on our garment styles.
We will need a sample to follow for construction and placement.

Minimums – 600pcs total per order (MINIMUM OF 200 UNITS PER STYLE/COLOR)
Price – To be determined depending on instructions


  • Minimum order only 600pcs (MINIMUM OF 200 UNITS PER STYLE/COLOR)
  • Labels must be provided with minimum of 3/8”bleed so information not cut off .
  • All re-label order must be paid in advance
  • Subject to in-stock inventory
  • We must ship re-label orders upon completion
  • Prices may vary depending on label size, construction and placement
  • Delivery dates will be quoted once all components are received by us
  • Labels must be pre-cut/pre-folded by Customer


  1. lab dips are free of charge unless you require more than 2 submits.
  2. samples will be processed upon receipt of purchase order.
  3. samples will be made to customer’s specifications.
  4. sample fees and pattern fees apply for new development.
  5. all orders will ship with a +/-5% tolerance based on quantity ordered.
  6. custom orders will require a 50% deposit once sample is approved.

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